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on Tue 3 Apr - 10:13

DUFFY Christian vs 15/5 W 3/6-6/1-6/0
+not a good match in difficult conditions, but found a way to win. good job getting back on track mentally after the loss of the first set.
Played simple tennis using more crosses instead of down the line shots.
To improve
Shot selection. Playing too many times down the line when should go cross court.
Analysis of opponents weaknesses and strengths to be able to apply the right strategy.
Serving consistency, too many double faults.

Stéphanie Tyga won 6/1 6/1 vs 30/1
+ : very clean match well managed. Stéphanie succeeded to beat her opponent with her game. She did good attacks and beautiful points.
To improve : self confidence: she was panicking at 6/1 up! No reason at this moment of the match.


RICHARDS Spencer vs 15/1 L 6/2-6/4
+good fighting spirit. Good hand.
Played agressive tennis. Was able to come to the net to finish points. Good use of the backhand keeping it deep cross and finding some openings down the line.
À améliorer
Careful with the body language at times. Shot selection has to be better.
Too many unforced errors especially on the forehand side.
Finishing points at the net (net play).
Transition game going from defense to offense and recognizing shorter balls.

Roger McDonnell Lost 6/4 4/6 3/6 vs 15/3
+ : Did a serious match with a good intensity. He served well. Found the good plan in the 1st set. He played well when his intention was to come to the net, to go forward.
To improve : didn't manage well the score and crucial moments in the 2nd set.

Anna Krakovskaya Lost 2/6 2/6 vs 30/1
+ : She came often to the net and did some good volleys. Good % of 1st serves in. She often took the ball early on returns.
To improve : missed too much during long rallies, on finishing shots and at the net.

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