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Tuesday, October 23rd

on Tue 23 Oct - 14:59

BITZER Lucas vs ESTRADE Arthur : 6/0 6/1

Très bon match pour Arthur malgré le score. Cela lui montre qu'il n'est pas si loin. Arthur a bien tenu les 4 ou 5 premières frappes dans les échanges avant de craquer le premier. Aussi il a voulu forcer un peu sa deuxième balle pour ne pas trop s'exposer au retour adverse = doubles fautes. Enfin bien garder ton calme après la perte d'un point. Concentre ton énergie mentale pour trouver comment gagner le point suivant.

Really solid from Lucas who showed consistency from both side. Great foorwork and fighting spirit.

Yashwant Parihar won 6/1 1/1 ab vs 15/5
+ : Yashwant served well and took often control of the game with his forehand. He did winners with his forehand.
To improve : to grind more the ball and to come more often to the net.

Raph linck a gagné 6/1 6/1 vs 15/5
+ : Raph a bien servi (bon % de 1ere). Il a démontré une bonne attitude tout au long du match et doit continuer ainsi. Bonne utilisation du coup droit et un plan de jeu efficace. Fantastique !!!
To improve : prendre plus souvent sa chance pour aller au filet.

Anelle TAIT VS 30/1. 6/0 6/1
- she took the « ad » immediately in the point on the return games, being aggressive.
- She did a lot of winners.
Points to improve:
- footwork.
- she has to be active after her serve.
- She has to know to slow down the game.
- She has to make spin on the 2nd serve to protect herself.

Luise SCHARTZ VS 30/2. 6/1 1/6 6/2
- she played solid on the 1st and 3rd set, controlling the match, playing with consistency.
- Good backhand winners.
Points to improve:
- she has to be more aggressive at the return on the 2nd serve.
- When she´s attacking, she has to follow more to the net.
- she has to keep the same intensity and concentration all the match

Hanako KASAI VS Zarina TAIT. 6/3 6/2
- she controlled the match, playing solid, seriously.
- good drop shot
Points to improve:
- she started to be nervous at 4/1, loosing concentration and the control.
- she sometimes played forehands too short.
- she has to improve the transition between baseline shots and the forward game.


Positive : Stay solid from his baseline. Good serving that resulted either in some short balls from the return or errors.

To improve : Stay positive when you loose a point. Try to be on time on short ball, many times you arrive late on it.


Zarina TAIT VS Hanako KASAI 3/6 2/6
- she fighted until the end
- transition baseline shots and foreword game
Points to improve:
- footwork
- she has to play with more consistency (she opened too early down the line)
- she played too passive on the return of 2nd serve

Dominikas KUNCIUS VS 30. 4/6 5/7
- he fighted until the last point.
- he played good short cross zones
Points to improve:
- he played too short, pushing too much the ball.
- he has to be more reactive when he is taking the « ad »
- he has to keep a positive attitude

Roman Danilov lost 6/4 6/3 vs 15/4
+ : Roman played with high intensity. He was consistent from baseline.
To improve : Roman has done too many double faults.

Anna krakovskaya Lost 6/4 6/0 vs 15/5
+ : Elle a fait un bon premier set, bien concentrée et relâchée.
To improve : a eu un coup de fatigue dans le 2eme set et n'a pas réussi à rebondir.

PARIHAR Yashwant vs 15/2 : 2/6 2/6

Positive : Much more consistent match from Yashwant than the one I saw on Sunday. Much more patient. A good fighting spirit and try everything he could.

To improve : Your serve need to become a weapon. You still hit couple doubles faults. If you do the job, in 6 months you will beat this kind of player.

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Re: Tuesday, October 23rd

on Wed 24 Oct - 10:38
Any feedback on Anelle & Zarina Tait matches yesterday?
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