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on Mon 26 Mar - 16:12

Vergara 5/6 PERF 4/6 : 6/3 6/0
Positive :
Very good intensity , very agressive and used so mutch his forhand !!!!!! Very good serve and defense backhand !!
To improve :
Approach game , volley !! but really very good match of alberto !!!!

Braun simo 5/6 PERF 4/6 : 6/16/1
Positive :
Very good game on baseline, very strong with his forhand , he used perfectly his backhand with many variations on his effects !!!
To improve :
Attack backhand , but really every things was very good on this match congrats inaki !!!

Jonathan DA SILVA 6/0 6/0  VS  Hussein EL TAWIL
Positive : John physically out powered Hussein in all aspects of the game, he was consistent and it didn't give his opponent any chance to get rhythm
Negative : Nothing

Tristan TAYLOR 7/5 1/0(ret) VS 15
Positive : Tristan was able to pull off the first set thanks to his serve and return. Very good forehands inside outs also.
Negative : Approach game and Finishing volleys need work.

Volodymyr YELIZAROV 7/5 2/6 7/5 VS  Adrien BAYOL
Positive : Vova clintched the victory by staying 5-10% more consistent than his opponent at important points in the third set. His forehand is improving rapidly and his serve is coming along well.
Negative : He needs more efficiency on his court placement and coverage and also more work on the backhand.

Becouarn PERF 15/1 : 6/16/1
Positif :
Attitude , régularité, revers , coup droit
A améliorer :
Jeu vers l avant , volée

Schar Raphaël won at 5/6
6/1 6/3
Positives points: Right tactically, patient and consistent
To work: have to accelerate, and to change the rythm to conclude the point.

Siddesh Magadeshwar won at 5/6
6/4 6/4
Positives points: good attitude and fighting spirit and consistent all the match.
Strong on the zones of games.
To work: the changing of rythm, the deep zones.

Emilie Lightfood won at 6/2 6/1
Positives points: good attitude and motivation, you was consistent, you played well tactically, stronger than her.
To work: adaptation at the clay court , dont play to flat...

Marie Bertran at 15
6/3 6/1
Points positifs : match bien maîtrisé en allant vers l avant et en variant bien l intensité.
À travailler: Variation de trajectoires, et plus utiliser ton Slice en revers .


Hussein EL TAWIL  0/6 0/6 VS  Jonathan DA SILVA
Positive : Despite his lack of physical power, Hussein is definitely doing the right things on the court. He has the foundation laid well, and i am sure he will explode once he will attain more mass.
Negative : He was simply out powered by his opponent today.

Shalom SALVI 6/4 6/1 VS 5/6
Positive : Big improvement since the last time i saw Shalom. She is understanding the game better and also how to use her strengths and weaknesses better.
Negative : She needs better footwork and also work on serve and return.

Ciornei vs 15 : 4/6 ab
Andrea n a pas pu defendre ses chances trop mal au dos !!!!!!

Alissa Baboshin lost at 5/6
6/2 6/1
Positives points: good tactically, you tried to be consistent in défense and to play cross. Able to resist when the game is fast.
To work: work your zones again , deeper in defense. The first is better , We have to work the second serve.

Tife at 5/6
Positives points: good attitude and strong in défense
To work: Try to play heavier and deeper to let makes the mistakes by your opponent with your zones .

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