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on Sun 25 Mar - 15:27
Estella Jaeger (-15) VS Ishita Parikh (1/6) : 6/2 6/2
Positive point : Estella has a professional attitude. Calm and focus. She made the difference against Ishita by her attitude and her zones and ball quality. Good game to play on clay.
Point to improve : Don't loose patience. Stay focus from the begining to the end. You had a decline of intensity in the middle of the second but you correct it quickly.

Danai Petroula (-15) VS Kimberley Bhunu (0) : 6/3 6/3
Positive point : You stay on your line, you take the ball early and you make your opponent miss because you take time to her.
Point to improve : Improve your calm attitude and your body language. Your rapidity on court and your footwork can be improve to be able to defend better.

Noa Cohen (0) VS Morgan Pons (N41) : 6/1 6/0
Point + :Quelques bons passages pour Noa qui a su de temps en temps patienter, faire bouger et finir le point au bon moment.
Point à améliorer : Trop peu régulière sur cette partie face à une joueuse qui, sur terre, est très solide. Noa aurait pu inquiéter plus son adversaire en donnant plus d'opposition, plus d'intensité physique, plus de trajectoire repoussante.

Ishita Parikh (1/6) VS Estella Jaeger (-15) : 6/2 6/2
Positive point : Ishita kept fighting on the court, the rallies where long. She is not so far from her opponent level.
Point to improve : To many occasions missed. You need to learn to do the good choice at the good moment. Be agressive when the score is (for exemple on the first game) 15/40 on the opponent serve. Try something if you want to have the break on the first. Change the rythm and work on your foreward game.

Kimberley Bhunu (0) VS Danai Petroula (-15) : 6/3 6/2
Positive point : You are able to change the rythm and to project yourself front quickly. Explosive player
Point to improve : To many unforced error on return. and to many net mistakes. On clay you need to play higher sometimes.
Messages : 261
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-22
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on Sun 25 Mar - 21:41

DE CAMÉLIS Giuseppe ( 1/6 ) d ( -2/6 ) 6/2 3/6 6/4
Positif : 2 wins , 1 perf and a really good match today to learn and go forward .. well done Giu , attitude was there and he was really close to take it this morning ! Next time .. keep going and keep pushing ! Good tournament , well done Giu !
To improve : Fitness aspects !
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