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on Sat 24 Mar - 19:54

SCHAR Raffael vs. 15/1: 6/4-6/2
Positive points:
You did the job. Not the best match you’ve played for sure but you did what you needed to get it.
Points to improve:
In the next rounds you will have to adapt to the surface faster. Also make sure you don’t give away games like you did today ...

RINAUDO Adrien vs 15/2: w.o

LESLIE Fraser vs 15: 6/2 6/1
Positive: you controlled the whole match, good attitude from the beginning to the end. Aggressive, good job.
To improve: finishing shots

OBORI Hugo vs 15/2: 6/0 6/2
Positive: much stronger than your opponent,easy match, you did the job
To improve: stay focus when you lead easily

SALVI Shalom vs PAPYAN Ani 15: 6/3 1/6 6/3
Positive: you were more aggressive than your opponent. Really good attitude, many winners when you're inside the court
To improve: cut the angles on defense, volley

PERF !!!
Positive: you played a simple tennis, without rushing while waiting for the fault of the opponent, perfect tactic ! Really good attitude, very calm.
To improve: your serve and recover more the balls

CHEVALERIAS Théo vs MIRTORABI Zino 15/2: 6/3 3/6 13/11
Positif: Quel match !! Un gros combat de ta part aujourd'hui, tu as su rester dans ta bulle, concentré, et as bien géré ta frustration aux moments clés !
Tu as bien joué les points importants, très solide sur les 3 balles de matchs adverses...bravo Théo !
A améliorer: ton service et ton efficacité sur les balles courtes et de finition


LUKASHOVA Natasha vs. 15: 7/6-6/1
Positive points:
As I told you, your attitude is what I expect on the court. It’s too bad you you didn’t fight as much in the second.
Points to improve:
You serve was the weak point today. The thing I want to emphasize is the pleasure you need to take on the court. Have FUN !!

TOMEGAH Grace vs. 15/1: 6/1-6/3
Positive points:
Your attitude was great. You didn’t play your best level but you kept your temper and this is very appreciated !
Points to improve:
You were building the point the right way but you could finish it. You missed too much and you pretty much beat yourself.

SABUWALA Zahaan vs. 30/3: 6/2-7/6
Positive points:
What a battle ! That second set tie beak was epic !
Points to improve:
You don’t have a tactical plan when you step on the court. At the end of the warm up you should already have an idea of what to do to beat the kid in front of you.

O’SULLIVAN James vs. 30: 6/1-4/0 ret.
James got injured and couldn’t defend his chances. Have a good recovery.

RIEME Hugo vs. 15/5: 6/1-6/2
Positive points:
Tu as su garder une attitude positif et combattante de À à Z. Plutôt efficace sur les retours de service, c’est d’ailleurs sur ces jeux que tu as gêné le plus ton adversaire.
Points to improve:
Tu n’est pas du matin ! Il faut donc que tu trouves une routine le matin qui te permette d’arriver sur le court en pleine possession de tes moyens.
Tennistiquement, tu n’as pas été en mesure de trouver la solution tactique pour gêner ton adversaire.

JACOBY Stephan vs. 5/6:
Positive points:
You started quite slow but you were able to come back to it. Good strategy to turn around your backhand to play more forehand.
Points to improve:
You can’t allow yourself to lose the first 4 games of the match. It’s difficult to win a match when you give away that many points !

PAPYAN Ani vs SALVI Shalom 15/1: 6/3 1/6 6/3
Positive: really good reaction after the loss of the first set. You fought on the court, good attitude.
To improve: be more aggressive, you wait too much the fault of the opponent, you often have the possibility to attack first !

AL BARAKAT Sharazad vs DERMENCI Naz: 6/3 7/5
Positive: able to make winners from everywhere
To improve: be more patient, you can not always play in 2 strikes. Your serve, too many double faults.
And your ATTITUDE !! You must respect your opponent, give her the balls correctly and do not throw your racket !!

MIRTORABI Zino vs CHEVALERIAS Théo 15/3: 6/3 3/6 13/11
Positive : good behaviour the whole match.
Stay focused when you broke your last racket and and played with an others one.
To improve: you need to be more aggressive, as in training, and don't wait your opponent's mistake.

BALDUCCI Teano vs 15/2: 7/5 7/5
Positif: une belle bagarre de Teano aujourd'hui contre un adversaire bien plus grand, costaud, qui frappait fort ! Tu as changé de tactique rapidement quand tu as vu qu'elle ne fonctionnait pas, a plus varier le rythme, jet fais jouer ton adversaire.
A améliorer: retour de service sur 1ere, longueur dans l'échange et coups de finition

BOUSKILA Ariel vs 15/2: 6/7 7/6 10/7
Positive: What a fight! You're really close and you diserved the victory. You did everything, winners and errors. Really good attitude.
To improve: your serve, too many double faults. Be more consistent with your backhand during ralllies and with your forehand on short balls.

LINCK Raphaël vs 15/5: 6/3 6/1
Positif: bien mieux sur ton attitude, moins d'énervement , de cris malgré la défaite. Continue comme ça !!
À ameliorer: avoir un plan de jeu clair face à ce type de joueur qui ne fait que remettre. Jouer plus simplement quand tu es en défense.

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