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on Fri 23 Mar - 20:18

Stephan JACOBY 6/1 6/4 vs Cristian GHEORGHIU
Positive : Stephan played very consistent and really good in defense, he waited for Cristian to make all the unforced errors.
Negative : Forehand needs work, he does not follow through enough, thus not enough body transfer into the ball!

Thibaut DECALUWE 1/6 6/1 6/3 vs  5/6
Positive : Second and third sets Thibaut finally calibrated the forehand and used it as a weapon to put pressure on the opponent, great on the rise winners and inside outs.
Negative : Took him too long to adjust on the court conditions and the rhythm of the match. 1 set down is inexcusable, wake up earlier!!

Albero VERGARA 6/4 7/6 vs Christian DUFFY
Positive : Much more positive and intense on the court since the last time i saw him. Good attitude, great footwork and smart intentions!
Negative : Too far from the baseline, play closer to the baseline that way you close the angles of the opponent and you have better court coverage.

Shalom SALVI 6/4 6/1 vs Srichti DHIR
Positive : She played very smart and insisted on her opponents weakness(forehand). Great attitude on court!
Negative : She needs better footwork and also work more on the serve and return!

El Tawil Hussein vs Shishkov Roman 5/6
6:2 6:2
Positive: good match with good attitude! Next Perf ! It’s always pleasure to watch him playing. Very professional!
Points to improve: work on your defence, ball were just to short.

Ariel Bouskila vs 30/2
6:3 7:5
Positive: good fight and attitude
Points to improve: consistency, he played one very good point then 3 unforced error. Work on first serve!

Portniagin Vsevolod vs 30/4
6:0 6:1
Positive: good match, good attitude. Well done!

Teano Balducci vs 30
6:4 6:1
Positive: good position attitude. Good fighting spirit good game plan

Theo Chevalerias vs 30
6:2 6:3
Positive: good match with good attitude. He was very focused and he controlled all the situation.

Alisa Baboshin vs Raphaelle Margueron 15/2
6:4 6:0 Perf
Positive: good behaviour and concentration during the match. She was very calm and patient. Good tactic.

Aysenaz Dermenci vs Lea Mocher 15/1
1:6 6:2 6:4 Perf
Positive: good fight, good focus
Points to improve: stronger first serve! And more aggressive shot from mid-court! Work on your fast preparation expessially from backhand!

Ani Papyan vs Stephanie Tyga 15/4
6:2 6:2
Positive: good behaviour on the court
Points to improve: she needs to work on going forward, her all match was playing from behind the baseline

Vergara Andrès vs 15/2: 4/6 6/2 6/0
Positive: You were more aggressive and consistent after the loss of the first set. Good behaviour all the match.
You controlled the points using your forehand to the maximum.
To improve: More consistent with your backhand, cut the angles in defense

Bayol Adrien vs Muhyaldeen Arry 15/1: 7/5 6/2
Positif: Adrien s'est bien battu pour gagner ce match alors qu'il n'était pas dans un grand jour. A bien adapter sa tactique après un début de match difficile
A améliorer: Adrien doit etre plus confiant dans son jeu afin d'etre plus agressif et etre le patron sur le court.


Lea Mocher vs Aysenaz Dermenci 15/2
6:1 2:6 4:6
Positive: good attitude in this match and a lot of fighting spirit
Points to improve: for sure keep working on your forehand, she seems to be not comfortable with her new grip but keep working. Move faster forward and when you have to change directions

Mary Alexander vs 5/6
1:6 1:6
Positive: attitude
Points to improve: solid points preparation, serve !!!

Raphaelle Margueron vs Alisa Baboshin 15/3
4:6 0:6
Points to improve: she has to work on her mentality, she lost this match already befor enter to the court. Be more brave and play your game, do not be scared to hit the ball

Stephanie Tyga vs Ani Papyan 15
2:6 2:6
Positive : better fighting spirit, good tournament and good match
Points to improve:prepare faster and move faster if you want to play with this kind of player. Solid point. For the moment is too many unforced errors

Christian DUFFY 6/4 7/6 vs Albero VERGARA
He has a good level of tennis and could easily play better if he adds more efficiency in his game along with variety and confidence! Change your intentions and don't overthink too much. Serve needs work.

Cristian GHEORGHIU 6/1 6/4 vs Stephan JACOBY
Cristi needs to work more on his backhand, get more variety, and add more legs, arm flexibility and more effect into the ball overall. Work on consistency and He also needs to be more professional  when it comes to match preparation (warm up, mental preparation, etc...)

Srichti DHIR 6/4 6/1 vs Shalom SALVI
Srichti is lacking confidence on her forehand side, and she tries to go around it and hit backhands which is a very dangerous position to be in! Work on forehands and also on your intensity overall on court, footwork placement, reaction speed, etc...

Eyal Bouskila vs 30/3
0:6 1:6
Points to improve: still attitude and behaviour on the court! Consistency and solid gorundstrokes!

Shishkov Roman vs El Tawil Hussein 15
2:6 2:6
Positive: good attitude in the match better then on tournament befor.
Points to improve: consistency!!! Building the point ball by ball and finishing shot!

Tailler Tanguy vs 5/6: 6/0 6/4
Positif: belle réaction au 2e set que Tanguy peut remporter.
A améliorer: Doit démarrer ses matchs en étant plus calme et plus régulier.
Tanguy doit rester plus concentré tout au long du match, trop hauts et de bas.

Muhyaldeen Arry vs Bayol Adrien 5/6: 7/5 6/2
Positive: Really good attitude and behaviour on the court ! Good tactic to annoy your opponent
To improve: More consistent on importants points, serve
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