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on Fri 16 Mar - 21:06


R.Arkallayev L 15/5 6/4 6/2
To many mistakes on important points.
His opponent a senior player with out any foot work.
So no need to play winner shots.
POSITIVE: some nice move to the net and attack game.

D.Gaba L 30/1 6/4 6/2
POSITIVE: very good first set with some opportunity to win the set.
On important points wanting to play to close to the line.
Negative:needs to work on foot work back to in front..
Needs to handle the drop shot.
DISHA finish the match with 2 double fault.
In one way Disha is not far a way from this standard of play!!!

A.Krasovskaya L 30/1 0/6 3/6
POSITIVE:Anna kept fighting and played a very good second set.
Better game plan and less double fault.
Negative:Anna has a to much mechanique game .She should take the ball more in front and loosening up in the really 's.
At the service she should puch more out of her legs to take the ball as highest as she can.
Anna is 15/5 for the moment but has not reached this lavel yet.
Has to be confirmed.
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