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Monday, October 22nd

on Mon 22 Oct - 12:26

MAGOW Abhinav vs HE ZhengXuan : 3/6 7/5 7/5

Really good fight concerning this match. Top players that respect each other on the court. Abhinav was slightly more solid in the end to came up with the win. Really good for ZhengXuan after not playing matches at all for one year, promising for the future matches ahead of you.

ESTRADE Arthur vs 15/5 : 6/2 6/0

Positif : Encore une belle victoire pour Arthur contre un adversaire qui l'avait battu lors de lors précédente rencontre. Encore une fois solide au service et appliqué avec son coup droit pour aller finir les points au filet.

A améliorer : Toujours bien jouer ses coups en étant équilibré.

CARBONE LARSON Xavier vs 15/3 : 6/0 6/0

Positive : Impressive win from Xavier. Not many errors, earned a lot of free points thru his serving. Came to the net quite perfectly to finish the points.

To improve : The next step for Xavier is to build a perfect footwork to have the best possible placement on every shot.

AL KHELAFI Ghanim vs 30 : 6/0 6/2

Positive : Efficient game plan on this kind of courts. Big serving, taked the net every time he had a short ball and hit a lot of slice to keep the ball low.

To improve : Keep the same intensity after the gain of the 1st set. Try to be 100% involved with your legs on every points.

AL KHELAFI Ghanim vs 15/3 : 6/7 7/6 6/2

Positive :  Great attitude after a tight 1st set loss. Regrouped perfectly to stay focus and came up on top. Great attacking game plan with again effective serves, forehands and volleys. Great gentleman behavior on the court.

To improve : Staying focus, focus and cool after loosing a point.

SCHWARTZ Louise vs 30/3 : 6/1 6/3

Positive : Solid win from Louise who was very solid and deep with his shots until 6/1 3/0. Served great and then gained a lot off points thru her serve.

To improve : Try to keep the same level and intensity of playing until the very last point of the match.


NZEWI Jade vs 30/1 : 6/2 6/4

Positive : Jade put on a really good fight. Starting 2/0 up in the 1st set and 3/0 in the 2nd. In the end it was not enough to come up with the win. Good consistency from his baseline, good serving and good attitude with an offensive will.

To improve : The length of your shot. Your opponent was forcing you to come to the net to better lob or pass you. Make sure when you attack and follow it at the net to be efficient enough in order to have a good setup volley to play.

HILLBURN Reece vs 30/2 : 1/6 and retirement

Unfortunately Reece had to retire from his match after the 1st set due to an arm injury. Hope he will do 100% the job to recover from it and come back stronger on the tennis courts.
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