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on Thu 15 Mar - 20:03

Tailler Tanguy vs 30
6/2 6/1
-Gros match. Très solide et très bonne régularité
-Il a très bien contrôlé et dirigé le match sans forcer.
-Grosse qualité de coup droit
-Pour être honnête rien pour aujourd’hui.

Duffy Cristian vs 15/1
6/1 6/0
-It was a great match. Extremely solid and serious match.
-A big serve and forehand today.
-You can at the net to finish the point regularly
-What to say. Nothing.

Salvi Shalom vs 15/2
6/4 6/2
-She were able to be calmer and focused
-She kept the control of the match even if she got nervous
-She played much better during the second set and did less mistakes
-Too many mistakes during the first set
-She missed too many finishing shots on the middle of the court

S.Tyga w 30/1 B.Aggarwd 6/1 6/3
POSITIVE:Stephanie played a very solid match with good FH and bh ground strokes.
NEGATIVE: did not come enough to the net.

N.Demmenci w 15/2 6/2 6/1.
POSITIVE:find the good game plan to a woman who is used to play lay court matches.
Negative:couls play with more top spin with change of rythem.

T.Macdonell W 30 6/4 6/0
POSITIVE: Taylor played really long point system and was consistent on many points.
Negative: is playing in good zone but can not play with speed.

Tailler Tanguy vs 15/4
6/1 7/6
-Bravo pour ton calme et ton attitude
-Tactiquement tu es resté juste solide et simple dans tes actions
-Tu as voulu faire un deuxième match juste après le premier
-Attention dans le deuxième set. Un peu de relâchement

Manwani Zara vs 15/4
6/2 6/1
-Good serve today. Very consistent.
-You got a good plan and used it nicely
-I loved to see that you did not overplayed
To improve
-Just be careful how you started the match. The first two games. You did too many mistakes.

Almaseanu Sasha vs 15/4
6/3 6/4
-Tres beau combat. Tu n’as Pas été nerveux.
-Tu as été très solide et regulie
-Bonne variation dans l’en du jeu
To improve
-Attention à la finition des points. P’us De simplicité
-Tu peux être plus agressif sur ton retour de deuxième balle


A.KRASOVKAYA: l 30 3/6 1/6
Negative:Anna has been playing for some weeks with out match play so she has no basic game level.

.k.Venkatramana L 15/1 4/6 6/4 2/6.
POSITIVE: good come back in second set.
Negative: to slow coming out the corners.
To many first service not good .
Playing to short and not using the angles!!

Bouskila Ariel vs 15/2
6/1 7/6
-Your attitude has been great. A warrior on the court
-Excellent serve. Especially the second serve
- Thanks for your backhand. You did great and very consistent
To improve
- You wanted to do too much at the beginning of the match.
- Do not play to close from the lines
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