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on Tue 13 Mar - 20:25


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Wednesday March 14th

on Wed 14 Mar - 21:25

Andreea CIORNEI 5/6. VS Shyla KHATTAR. 6/0 6/0
- elle a fait de très bonnes accélérations de C.D.
- elle a gagné beaucoup de souplesse en revers, avec un meilleur enroulé de balle
- elle a joué très agressive
Points to improve:
- elle joue certains revers d’attaque avec un peu de précipitation

Volodymyr YEALIZAROV 6/4 6/4 VS Inaki BRAUN SIMO
Vovas game was on point today not only from the technical stand point but mental as well, which in the end was the key in winning this match! He mixed the game up perfectly between being consistent and using aggressive spin and coming to the net by surprising his opponent with short angle approach shots and beautifully executed volleys. He changed his racquets recently and that gave him a big mental boost, and i do agree a performance boost as well. He is more confident, his serve is drastically improving and he understands that he cannot stay 6 meters behind the baseline and grind out every match until he cramps or gives up mentally. Big turning point for Vova i think, so looking forward for what the future brings.

Fraser LESLIE 6/1 6/0 VS 5/6
Fraser came into this match with one mission, and that is the serve. He has been working hard on it and today it paid off. It has developed more power and also more control on the effects, which gave him the confidence that he was terribly lacking. When his serve is on point his game just falls into place and he is more reactive on his footwork also. He controlled most of his match with his forehand, around 70% winners, his opponent didn't stand a chance. Proud of you today, and go back and keep going on that serve!!


Shyla KHATTAR 15 VS Andreea CIORNEI 5/6. 0/6 0/6
- she did good 1st serves
Points to improve:
- she has to improve her footwork (speed and power)
- she has to improve the returns (faster reaction, cut the trajectories, more compact back swing)
- she had to change the tactical (more aggressive, shorter points, more forward game)
- Faster reaction after her serve (2nd. point)

Inaki BRAUN SIMO 4/6 4/6 VS Volodymyr YELIZAROV
Inaki has improved so much during the past month but unfortunately his game didn't quite cut it today from the mental and tactical stand point. He was trying to make winners out of every shot(since it worked the match before), but today it was a combination of winners and unforced errors. Vova played really well in defense and eventually Inaki cracked, got more and more frustrated and just could really change the tactical play. Backhand still needs work, especially on the arm/wrist flexibility and timing! He has high potential Inaki and once he gets over his frustration on court and starts to think more clear, he will go high!! Keep going Inaki!!!
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