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on Tue 13 Mar - 20:25

B.Aggarwal W 30 6/1 6/4
Bhavya gets more confident in her matches.
She won against a player she has already won in vence tournament.
Her opponent has nice strokes but Bhavya was more aggressive on the baseline and return service.
Negative:Bhavya did nor come to the net often and was making mistakes on her BH slice approach shots.
Also in second set once again there were difference with the in/out discussion.
Bhavya should be more firm at this subject!

Ariel Bouskila vs 30
6/3 4/1ab
-I loved your adaptation during the first set. You changed your way to play.
-Your serve was good and consistent. You served only second serve.
-Be careful how you are starting the match. You tried sometimes to overplay.


D Gaba 30/1 4/6 4/6.
POSITIVE:good start in first and second set 3/0.
Negative: to many mistakes on the short balls.
Not willing to hold a long rallying.
Agains a player of age above 60 year's Disha is not aloud to LOSE!

Raphael Link L 30 1/6 3/6.
Negative: very bad start in the beginning of the march to many unforced error so no game plan.
His opponent was a experienced player wich used many changes of rythem and played effectively !

A.ori l 15/4 1/6 3/6
Negative: alex was playing a hard court game plan evry point needed to finish after 2or 3 shots.
To inpatient and did not find the right zones to destabilise his opponent!

Zino Mirtorabi vs 15/4
6/2 6/0
-I am happy about the attitude tonight. You controlled your temper very nicely.
-You used very nicely your backhand sliced. You played with a lot of variation.
-You didn’t look enough for the right tactic to use.
-Be careful to your first serve pourcentage. It was very low tonight.

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