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on Mon 12 Mar - 20:10
1.Arthur O Sullivan (5/6) VS Brett Vadoz (5/6) : 6/4 6/1
Point + : Arthur move very good, nice footwork, good intensity. Your forehand is very heavy and hard to play on clay. Today was a good match for you very positive
Point to improve : Be more solid on the first points to begin the match better.

2.Volodimir Yelizenov (4/6) VS Thomas Kostki (5/6) : 6/3 6/2
Point + : Pretty solid on baseline stroke. Good attitud very calm and encourage himself.
Point to improve : To far from the baseline. Improve change of path by getting into the court more ! He is tall, good smash and good volley, so go to the net more and be more agressive !

3.Shyla Katthar (15) VS Srishti Dhir (15) : 7/5 6/1
Positiv point : Calm attitud and solidity from baseline
point to improve : You need to improve the rapidity of your deplacements. Especially when ou have to go foreward.

1.Srishti Dhir(15) VS Shyla Katthar (15) : 5/7 1/6
Positiv point : Played good during one set. Lead 5/4 on the first with the serve but wasn't able to finish the set. Positive and strong attitud (coach Jordan is proud of this improvement on all the tournament).
Point to improve : Forehand side

2.Alberto Vergara (5/6) VS Adam Panaras (5/6) : 5/7 2/6
Positive point : Nice rapidity, you move fast and fight a lot. Some winners with your forehand.
Point to improve : Patience ! Stay solid longer.
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Tuesday March 13th

on Wed 14 Mar - 21:03

Tristan TAYLOR 6/2 6/3 VS Siddesh MAHADESHWAR
Tristan has improved substantially not only in the consistency department, but overall in the quality(depth, power, effect) of his shots. He played very aggressive, and his forehand inside out is becoming a veritable weapon which he can use comfortably whenever he wants to. Serve was on point, many aces, even on second serves, and that is a huge advantage in controlling the pace of the game and also putting pressure on his opponent not to be broken! Good job T, you are on the right path!!

Andreea CIORNEI 6/1 6/3 VS Margaux GINEFRI
Despite coming back from a 2 months injury, Andreea started the match strong and she did not loose her outstanding physical ability to move well on court and to play very smart by using variation when needed ( slice, drops shots, etc). She plays very efficient and that will bring her far. Also, the forehand on the rise was a key point that won her many points and put her in the lead from the start! Bravo Andreea, keep it up!


Siddesh MAHADESHWAR 2/6 3/6 VS Tristan TAYLOR
Siddesh has a very good technical game but he really needs to put it all together by using his footwork and placement better and also by making the right tactical play when needed. He was giving Tristan too much room for comfort by playing on his strengths and not really taking the pace from the ball and playing some slices, cutting the points short by coming to the net, etc. Also his transfer into the ball during the shot and his zone placement control need work.
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