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on Thu 8 Mar - 13:52

B.Aggarwal  W  30/1    3/6   6/3  6/2
Positif :good come back in second set. Got more aggressive at  the return service games and gor faster on her feet on a very slowly clay court
Negative:needs to work on slice BH and use this shot in her advantages if a tennis court gives this opportunity to win the point!!.

D.Gaba  w  30/3  4/6  6/4  6/2.
Negative: to many double fault in first set on important pressure point.
To slow on the legs .
POSITIVE:Disha got use to the slow clay court and find her trimming back.
Very positive competition spirt and not afraid to win!!


Maxence Lavergne vs 15/5
7/6 6/1
-Tres bon retour au score au premier set. Un bon changement tactique avec plus de régularité et de solidité.
-De très bons enchaînements vers le filet et sur les 3 premières frappes.
-Bonne défense dans l’ensemble du match.
To improve
-Attention a être meilleur dans le début des sets.
-Trop de déchets dans les finitions.
-Tu as joué un peu trop court pour pouvoir repousser ton adversaire aujourd’hui.

Roman Danilov vs 30/2
6/1 6/3
-His forehand has been very effective today. He won most of the points with this shot.
-His service percentage was better than normally.
-His attitude was great even at the end of the match.
To improve
-He did the mistake too early during the rally. Most of the mistakes were because the ball was out.
-You must become better tactically. You lost this match because you did not play good tactically.
-You should be a bit more patient before the try to open the point.

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