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Sunday, October 21st

on Sun 21 Oct - 11:45

ARTHUR ESTRADE   30 6/3 6/1..

POSITIVE: makes good progress very match he is playing in the Cagnes tournament
Good base line game and approach shots.
Finished well at the net with good setups.

NEGATIVE: Needs to work on second service to weak according his future ranking as is ranking is not according to his tennis leavel in progress.
Needs to work on passing shots and defence game plan.
Needs to work on back hand topspin more released.

ESTRADE Arthur vs 15/5 : 6/7 (5) 6/2 6/0

Positif : Bon combat d’Arthur qui su trouver les solutions tactiques pour venir a bout de son adversaire. Coup droit efficace qui lui a permis de conclure de nombreux points au filet. Revers en net progression.

A améliorer : La deuxième balle de service est jouée sans intentions. Garder son calme en toutes circonstances.


PARIHAR Yashwant vs 30 : 0/6 0/6

Positive : Footwork and attitude were good. We can see promising things in his game which is technically beautiful but not fully efficient yet. Keep working on you will be there.

To improve : Game plan. He focused mainly on his opponent sliced backhand while he was not missing on this side. Should have focus on his forehand. Was not patient enough, Yashwant went for too much too early in the rally. Too many double faults.

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