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on Wed 7 Mar - 16:32

Stephanie Tyga vs Zara Manwani cat.15-18
6:1 6:3 Perf!!!
Positive: good match with high concentration. Good tactic.
Points to improve: still work on backhand and more solid serve.

Inaki Simo Braun vs Andreas Vergara cat.17/18
6:2 6:1
Positive: good solid match with good attitude. Good concentration!

INOUE Kaï vs 15/2: 6/2 6/2
Positif: très bon match de Kaï, tu as été le patron sur court! Agressif, bagarreur, tu as dominé tout le match!
A améliorer: tu peux être plus agressif au retour et faire mal tout de suite.

EL TAWIL Hussein vs 5/6: 6/1 6/3
Positive: what a match ! You had good all the way ! Very solid, you controlled the game, you played at your rhythm, aggressive with your forehand
To improve: keep intensity the whole match

SIPAHIOGLU Sim vs 30/1: 6/3 1/6 11/9
Positive: you fought the whole match and saved 2 matchs points !! You're able to accelerate on both sides.
To improve: shots on short balls, cut the angles on the baseline

BALDUCCI Teano vs 30: 6/3 2/6 10/7
Positif: très bon début de match où tu mènes rapidement 4/0
Tu as su te reconcentrer pour aller gagner le super tie-break
A améliorer : rester concentré tout le match et "ne balance" pas le 2e !! Quand ton adversaire a la tête sous l'eau, ne l'aide pas à remonter à la surface !!

BABOSHIN Alissa vs 15/3: 6/3 6/0
Positive: really good attitude, warrior on the court !
You were better than your opponent and controlled the game. Aggressive. You were the boss on the court
To improve: When you go to the net, watch out for lob!!


Zara Manwani vs Stephanie Tyga cat.15-18
1:6 3:6
Positive: better attitude and fighting spirit
Points to improve: work on consistency and spin the ball expessially low ball. More footwork side to side.

Andreas Vergara vs Inaki Simo Braun cat.17/18
2:6 1:6
Points to improve: better points preparation, take advantage with serve! Toss for the first serve! Stay more focused!

Jule Frayre vs 5/6
4:6 4:6
Positive: very good attitude and behaviour, good defence
Points to improve: approach and attack was not stronger enough and volleys!!!Return!

Rajan Dushi vs 15
3:6 4:6
Positive: good fight and attitude, good backhand
Points to improve: point construction, pay attention when someone is changing the rhythm.

KIMPEL Patrick vs 15/3: 6/2 6/0
Positive: ...
Points to improve: MOTIVATION !!!!! Positive state on mind, do not give up, be a tennis player !!!!

CHEVALERIAS Théo vs 15/1: 6/0 4/6 10/6
Positif: après un 1er set où tu étais absent, tu n'as rien lâché et t'es battu pour revenir dans le match malgré un niveau de jeu moyen.
A améliorer: ton entame de match (mené 6/0 en 20 mn). Être plus solide en situation d'équilibre. Choix sur les points importants, tu fais trop d'amorties !!

MENDOZA Paloma vs 30/4 : 2/6 6/0 12/10
Positive: really good start, more consistent than your opponent, you controlled the match in the first set
To improve: your serve too many double faults. Keep the same intensity the whole match.

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