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on Mon 5 Mar - 23:08

Spencer RICHARDS vs 15/3: 6/1-6/0

Points positifs:
Spencer a su dominer son adversaire grâce à une meilleure régularité et surtout plus de puissance. Il était meilleur que son adversaire et il l’a montré ! Très bien !
Points à améliorer:
Le seul petit point qu’il peut corriger c’est l’utilisation du coup droit. Trop souvent sur une balle neutre il joue avec son revers au lieu de décaler.

Kiril BELOV vs 15: 6/4-6/0

Positive points:
Kiril played an older man who plays very smartly. It was important for Kiril to keep playing his game, and he did it perfectly. He negotiated the right way the two last game of the first set to break at the perfect moment.
Points to improve:
When you play such a good server, you need to find a way to make him struggle! It could be by changing your position on the return every time, or by being more aggressive on the second serve to put pressure on the first...

Clara WINTHER vs 15/3: 6/2-7/6
Positive points:
Nice attitude on the court, you kept your temper and you applied what I hear salvino says everyday on the court. Good job for that victory because it wasn’t an easy match against a fighter!
Points to improve:
Sometimes you should give a little more physical investment on the court.
Also, make sure you come to the net in good conditions. While talking about the net game, make sure you stay sharp. Too often you give the volleys instead of finishing the point.

ESPITALIER Jason vs 4/6 W 6/0-6/1
+good solid and serious match. Much better today. The opponent didn’t find any solutions. Steady from the back, was able to move forward at times to put pressure on the opponent
To improve
Gotta be able to move forward more and hurt more the opponent.


Can SIPAHIOGLU vs 15/4: 6/4-6/1
Positive points:
Very hard to find something positive in this match as you played completely upside down ! But I would say that the end of the first set was good quality. You were setting up the point the right way and you used your forehand to finish.
Points to improve:
Playing someone that brings back all the balls is never easy but with your forehand you should be able to find a way around to overpower him.

MEHRA Ayan vs 3/6 L 6/3-6/0
+good fighting spirit. Good few games with the right game plan.
Moving forward to finish points at the net. Dictating play with the forehand.
To improve
Serve (spins/zones). Went away from the right strategy!
No tactical adjustments when start losing. No rebellion (mentally/physically). Intensity must be higher over a longer period of times. Too many ups and downs

MAHADESHWAR Siddesh vs 5/6 L 2/6-6/2-6/1
+good first set being consistent and solid. Good depth and good job being aggressive everytime the opportunity was there.
To improve
Staying focused ( bad start of the second). Gotta keep the pressure on instead of starting to back up and play shorter.

SALVI Shalom vs 5/6 L 4/6-6/3-6/4
+good match. Good fighting spirit. Good job being patient and aggressive when needed.
Finishing points at the net
To improve
Lack of consistency at times with unforced errors during important moments.
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