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Sunday, October 21st

on Sun 21 Oct - 11:44

KASAI Hanako vs LAING Elise : 6/0 6/0

Positive : Solid match from Hanako who did not miss many shots. She made Elise play one more shot every time.

To improve : Hanako's attitude is good but could be better especially when she losses a point. Try not to show nothing to your opponent when you concede a winner or miss a shot.

HILLBURN Reece vs 40 : 6/2 6/3

Positive : Wanted to give up being down 0/2 in the first but regrouped very well to came back and win that set. Good forehand that earned him many points following it at the net. Good volleying game. Good serving when you didn't force it.

To improve : Being sad when you loose a point is one thing, but then you need to be happy when you win one. Keep your head up and not always look down. Need to work on making your backhand reliable.  

JADE NZEWI W 30/2 perf 6/4 4/6 6/3.

Very good match against a player wich was one head taller than him.
Good base line game and return attack on second service.
Very good competition attitude

NEGATIVE: need to keep score.
Needs to work on approach shots and not stay in the middle of no man land.
Needs to work on handling over lobs situation.


KASAI Hanako vs LAING Elise : 6/0 6/0

Positive : She was much more focus on that match than her 1st one on Saturday. I liked her fighting spirit that she carried all match long not being focus on the scoreboard. Also despite the score, she hit massive shots that Hanako could not put back in play.

To improve : Consistency during a whole game. If you hit 2 winners and then giveaway free points, you will loose the game. Recognize when to go for your shot and recognize when to be patient and stay in the rally. Need to work on the serve to rely on it and make it a huge weapon.

CARL FLIP WELLER L 30/4 2/6 7/5 0/6.

POSITIVE CARL saved match point IN second set.
He had a good come back in second set.

to much anger stress not face difficult situations
He did not vislize the fact he won a great second set.
Needs to work on control of attitude
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