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on Sun 4 Mar - 14:38

Théo Chevalerias vs 15/3
4/6 7/5 10/6
Positif: Bravo!! beau combat de Théo ( était mené un set et 1/4 dans le second. Bonne qualité de frappe en coup droit, Theo est capable de jouer lourd et de se creer des occasions d attaques. Great job!
Négatif: Revers trop inconsistent au moment important. Comme en coup droit plus de volume.

DISHA Gaba 30/3 W over Bhavya Agganwal 6/4 7/5
POSITIVE:good match of bouth side.
DISHA control the match at the first set in second set Bhavya was leading 5/2 and Disha came back with very good game plan.
Negative:In this match the girls had a hard time winning there service game!

RAYAN Dushi 15/1 WINS OVER Roger Macdonell.15/1 6/2 6/3.
POSITIVE: Rayan kept Roger under control with good base line game and good return on the service from Roger.
In the second set Roger became more aggressive.
Negative:Rayan could come more to the net and should cover better the net and anticipate in wich zone he should move on.
Roger Negative points is that there is still a gap in between his best level of his tennis game and his slowest level.
So than on important points he can not trust his own game to conclude.

Teo Chevalerias 15/3 WINS OVER Hugo Obari 15/2 7/5 6/4
A perf for Teo .
A good day for Teo a second round match win today.
Did not follow. Was busy with the Indian match!!!


Roman Danilov vs 30/1
1/6 5/7
Positif: Baseline shots were ok considering that Roman just came back from a week of skiing.
Négatif: Serve... ( 3 doubles faults per game!!). Not prepare for that match.

Can Sipahioglu loses 30 6/1 6/1
Negative: Can was not finding solution to much burned out.
The game was to fast for Can and was over in 50 minutes.

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