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on Fri 2 Mar - 20:15

Shalom SALVI 15/1 VS 5/6. 6/3 6/4. PERF!!!!!!
- she kept her calm despite of the tense match
- she played with consistency
- she tried to touch the wick backhand of the opponent
- she played good slice backhands, drop shot, to change the rhythm

Points to improve:
- she was nervous most part of the match because she already played and she lost against the opponent
- she started very slowly, without moving
- she tried to touch too early the backhand of the opponent
- Lob


Can SIPAHIOGLU 15/5 VS 30. 6/1 2/6 0/1 (super tie-break)
- he played a lot of winner
- he served well
Points to improve:
- he had to play more with legs
- he had to build more the point before to attack (cross and curving trajectories before to open down the line flatter and with straight trajectories)
- he had to improve the zones at the volley (shorter zones)

Hugo OBORI 15/2 VS 15/3. 7/6 1/6 9/11
- Percent and variations on the 1st serve
- Sequence 1st serve and 2nd shot (he get plans)
Points to improve:
- return (cut more the trajectory on the 1st serve)
- Faster footwork
- he played with the pressure to lose (fear/tense)
- he had to follow to the net after the attacks

Fraser Leslie vs 15
6/7 6/7
Positif: Energy level was good through the match. Fraser is able to grind behind that baseline.
Négatif: Got to come more often to finish those points at the net so his overall game become more efficient. Also Mid court ball to much waiting to hit those.

Benjamin Ginefri vs 5/6
2/6 0/6
Positif: Bon debut de match avec un bon plan tactique et une bonne intensité...
Négatif: Apres 2/3 plus d essence dans le moteur.

Roman Shislov vs 4/6
1/6 4/6
Positif: Good reaction in the second after the easy loss of the first set. Roman kept a good attitude through the match despite a off day.
Négatif: Unforcef errors at the be

Theo Chevalerias vs 15/1
3/6 3/6
Positif: Malgres un jour sans Theo est resté combatif
Négatif: Manque de jus aujourd'hui, a trop subit et trop souvent sur la defensive.

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