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on Fri 2 Mar - 20:15

Shalom Salvi (15/1) vs (15) PERF !!
Positiv: What a fighter !! Shalom was down 4/6-3/5 fighting on everypoint... too much on defense but trying to give every time one more shot to her opponent... in the third set, she step over her opponent physically and started to come faster inside the court and not giving time to her opponent ! Well done !! Keep it up !!
Negativ: A bit too much defending during almost 2 sets, keep working on coming faster at the net to conclude the point !


Aadhithi vurum (4/6) vs (15/1)
Positiv: Aadhithi keep fighting until the last point... A big fight, aadhithi was more directing the point in the second set... founding deep zone, and mooving around her to finish the point with her forehand !
Negativ: Aadhithi stayed too much behind her baseline, she give the time to her opponent to build the point and aadhithi play every time shorter when it’s like that ! You have to put your rhythm.

Yan shenbin (5/6) vs (15)
Positiv: Yan keep his head up through the match, trying to find different solution to win...
Negativ: Yan need to keep working on his pourcentage of first serve in... he’s opponent was slicing in forehand and backhand... many error from Yan on short and low ball, trying to recover it always instead of slicing it long and come to the net after... Keep working on your contact point in forehand !

Shyla Khattar (15) vs (15/1)
Positiv: Shyla was up 6/4-5/3 and was playing really well. Managing the point, she was inside the court and her opponent visit all the court but was fighting... Shyla had always to plays one more shot... Coming with a volley or with her forehand to finish the point...
Negativ: Then Shyla started to be a bit stress to finish the match, less first serve on her service game at 5/3... and going to fast for the winner... her opponent keep fighting and push Shyla to the mystake...
In the third set, Shyla was tired and tried the winner on almost every shot...

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