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on Fri 2 Mar - 14:47

Teanno Balducci vs 15/2 Perf!!
3/6 7/5 12/10
Positif: Super match de Teanno, malgres la perte du premier set, contre un adversaire beaucoup plus puissant, il est resté calme et combatif et à fait tourner le match en sa faveur. Great job..
Négatif: Attention longeur de balle en revers.

Theo Chevalerias vs Patrick Kimpel
6/4 6/3
Positif: Really consistent the all match behind the baseline. Théo  apply a winning tactic vs a agressif opponent.
Negatif: Few mistakes when Théo tried to attack.

Tife Bakre (15/2) vs (15/4)
Positiv: Tife stay focus on her tactical plan, not playing to fast but founding good zone ! Better than her opponent in general !

Alissa Baboshin vs 15/4
6/4 6/3
Positif: Great start of the match with great intensity in her overall game. Alissa is capable of developping a great agressive game. Good job.
Negatif: Slow down in ryrhm especially in the second set. Keep the pressure and don t fall into the rythm of ur opponent.

Stephanie Tyga (15/4) vs 30
Positiv: Steph played well with her forehand ! Managing the point with good zone... she was playing deep and push her opponent to the mystake ! Well done !
Negativ: a lot of slice in backhand, can keep working on recover it more often !

Taylor Mcdonel (15/5) vs (15/3) PERF !!
Positiv: In the first and the third set was tactically perfect... Taylor was was giving to her opponent one fast ball and then one high ball long, many variation and the girl was doing the mystake ! Well done ! 
Negativ: be careful don’t change your tactical plan in the second set !


Agassi Tomegah vs 15/1
3/6 3/6
Positif:..Not yet. Let go next tournament.
Négatif: Got to put more pressure on mid and shorter balls. it is your game , use more ur Athletic abilities and come more to the net.

Christian Duffy vs 5/6
7/5 3/6 4/6
Positif: Better in his overall game, Christian is doing better on his tactical game plan through the match. 
Négatif: Keys points managment, still to many silly mistakes in those moments. 

Patrick Kimpel vs Theo Chevalerias
4/6 3/6
Positif: Was offensive the all match.
Negatif: Too many unforced errors especially at the begining of sets..

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