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on Tue 27 Feb - 9:45

Shalom Salvi won vs 15/2
6/0 6/0
+ : She played really agressiv and came often to the net . Her serve was consistent.
Points to improve : to keep going the same way for next rounds..

Raphaëlle Margueron vs Stephanie Tyga 15/4
6:4 6:0
Positive: good attitude and fighting spirit. Good serve!!
Points to improve: work on long zone and higher intensity in the game and aggressivity in your shot.

Christian Duffy vs 15/2
6:3 0:6 6:4
Positive: good match with good fight and attitude. Good serve and volleys
Points to improve: concentration because he lost 9 games in a row

MEHRA Ayan vs 15/2 W 6/3-6/3
+good match today. Played solid enough against a decent opponent. Controlled play with the forehand side. Moving forward to finish points at the net when he had the opportunity to do so. Good job not letting the opponent dictate play and come forward all the time.
To improve
Concentration throughout the whole match.
Serve, not enough free points on the first serve (power/zone).
Finishing points at the net (net play).
Intensity must be high longer and not just patches.


Tanguy Tailler vs 15
0:6 and he gave up.

Alex Mary Lost vs 15
6/3 6/2
+ : Alex continue de développer un jeu vers l'avant plus agressif et en variation grâce à son slice. Il faut continuer dans ce sens sur les prochains tournois.
Points à améliorer : mieux gérer les moments importants (score), et garder son équilibre plus longtemps au service

Srishti Dhir vs Roxane 15/1
1:6 and she gave up.

Stephanie Tyga vs Raphaëlle Margueron
4:6 0:6
Positive: she was fighting in the first set.
Points to improve: play to the end! Work on long zone and aggressivity in your shot.

MACDONELL Roger vs 15 L 6/1-6/3
+tough match against a solid opponent. good fighting spirit not giving up and trying to hang in. Positive attitude most of the time.
Good job moving forward In the second set being more agressive finishing points at the net. That was the way to play because when the opponent had the upper hand he’d win most of the points.
To improve
Analysis of the opponent’s weaknesses and the game plan to follow (tactic).
Serve has to become more of a weapon. Too many double faults and low percentage of 1st serves in.
Backhand return. Net play, positioning and finishing volleys and overheads.

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