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on Thu 22 Feb - 21:34

Stephanie Tyga vs 15/2 PERF!!!
6:3 6:2
Positive: very good match with good attitude and fighting spirit.
Points to improve: still work on intensity in the game. Move more forward and changing directions!

Tanguy Tailler 15/4
6:0 6:2
Positive: good match with good attitude! Well done.


Tife Bakre vs 15/1
4:6 2:6
Points to improve: She has to work on her winning attitude and body language. She was 4:3 up in the first set but she got mad too fast.
Work on long deep zone as priority!

Aysenaz Dermenci vs 15/5
2:6 3:6
Positive: attitude
Points to improve: she played too much on the middle of the court. Even when she hit hard it was not danger. She has to learn how to change tactic. Use different spin and speed.

Taylor McDoneld vs 15/2
1:6 0:6
Positive: good attitude and fighting spirit
Points to improve: play faster move faster and be more agressive if you want to win with players higher ranking.
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