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Monday February 19

on Tue 20 Feb - 8:07

Josh Roe Flanelly 6/4 6/1 VS 15/1
Positive : Josh relaxed in the second set and finally played the lefty spin game required to put the most pressure on his opponent.
Negative : Too tense at the beginning, first match he always puts pressure on himself. Get over this mental block and go out there and play your game, focus on yourself and one point at a time.

Flavien PICTET 6/2 6/3 VS 15/1
Positive : Good match from Flavien, he is definitely getting better, much more relaxed on court and starts to understand himself as a player and what tactics to use!
Negative : Forehand still needs a bit of attention!

Mathieu WIERNIEZKI 5/7 6/1 6/1 VS 5/6
Negative : First set he was pushing the ball so much, not stepping in and not transferring his weight at all into the ball or letting the hand pass through relaxed! He was tense and focused too much on the score and the outcome of the match!
Positive : Luckily he finally let his game flow in the second set and it was a done deal after that, he was too strong for his opponent. Work on your mental Mattie!!


Christian DUFFY 6/4 6/1 VS 5/6
Positive : Christian was playing very well at the beginning of the match, he was up 4/2 and he was really moving well, going around the ball for inside out forehands and using the court coverage to his advantage. His game has definitely improved and he is not far from going to the next level fast IF he learns how to be consistent throughout the whole match.
Negative : Work on your serve, too many double faults, and also on the execution of the short balls,finishing shots!!

Karan VENKATRAMANA 6/4 6/2 VS 15
Positive : Karans shot quality had improved since the last time i saw him, he is more powerful and has gained more efficiency in the tactical department.
Negative : Unfortunately he is still not fast enough on court/stamina to keep the long rallies going. Also serve and return need attention.
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