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on Mon 19 Feb - 16:12

Raphaëlle Margueron vs 15/2
6:1 6:3
Positive: good attitude, footwork and volleys
Negative: don't be scared to play your game.

Aysenaz Dermenci vs 15/1
1:6 6:2 6:3
Positive: good fight in the second and third set. She was concentrated and she put her rythem in the second and third set. Good forehand!
Negative: the first set was bit sleepy and not intense enough.

Ines Rienzo vs 15/2
7:5 6:3
Positive: good fight spirit, she was playing good tactically. Good footwork
Negative: work on your winning attitude, do not let yourself to get out of control after losing one gam.

Jules Frayre vs 5/6 ( Yifei Cui)

Inaki Braun Simo vs 15 El Tawil Hussein
6:1 6:2
Positive: good match with good attitude. He controled all the time the match.

NAWAF Rashed vs 15 W 6/1-6/2
+solid easy match. Great hand and tactically playing right. Better use of the forehand with some height and topspin, then through the ball when possible.
To improve
Staying focused against a weaker opponent. Take this opportunity to work on your game (tactical schemes, shots, ...).

O'SULLIVAN Arthur vs 15 W 6/4-7/5
+good fighting and positive attitude. Positive emotions encouraging himself. Better on the forehand side with more height and better zones to create shorter balls to then attack. Moving forward going to finish points at the net.
To improve
Serve, only second serves same zone used as a first serve. Managing a match. Net play and approach shots.


El Tawil Hussein vs Inaki Braun Simo
1:6 2:6
Positive: very good attitude and behavior on the court!!! It's nice to watch him playing.
Opponent was older and stronger physically, he was playing faster and more agressive.

Maria Kapustina vs 15/1
6:3 5:7 4:6
Good long fight, first set was really solid, she was really focused then one ball made her losing control on her emotions. She has to learn how to mange her feelings in the court. She can not show to the opponent that she is crying during the point.
Match was really long and good experience for Maria.

YAN Shenbin vs 15/2 L 2/6-6/2-6/4
+good first set playing agressive tennis and too fast for your opponent. Better touch/short game. Was able to impose your power and put the opponent under pressure.
To improve
Serve. Tactical adjustments to make as the match goes along. Moving forward, approach shots and net play.

WINTHER Clara vs 15/1 L 6/3-6/2
+good attitude. Had the right game plan and knew what to do, but could not execute it.
To improve
Too many unforced errors, lack of consistency. Needs to play with more safety using topspin.
Serve % too low, work on second serve. (Doubles faults).

MEHRA Ayan vs TAYLOR Tristan (Academy) L 6/4-4/6-6/1
+good match overall. Good fighting spirit with some positive emotions, keep it up! Better intensity and intentions of play being more agressive with the forehand wing.
To improve
Serve (1st and 2nd). Movement especially on clay.
+good battle, found a way to win not playing his best tennis. Found a way to play loose in the third after the loss of the second. Good job on a tricky match.
To improve
Play smarter tactically. Too much of the same trying to hit through the opponent.

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