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on Mon 19 Feb - 16:11

Bhavya AGGARWAL vs 30/3: 6/0-6/3
Positive points: What a good match ! Starting from the warm-up to 6/0-5/1, Bhavya was playing very consistent, she was dictating the game with both her forehand and backhand. She was very motivated... Really appreciable to watch ! 
Points to improve: She needs to be careful to not be scared to win ! At 6/0-5/1, she started panicking a little, she missed a lot more and the scenario could have been dramatic ! Fortunately, she was able to score 5 points in a row at 5/3 0-40 ! 


Disha GABA vs 30/2: 7/6-6/4
Positive points: Disha was really into the game. She played very consistant and fought a lot during the match. Overall, even if she could get the W, it was a good match ! 
Points to improve: She played an opponent who was only pushing the ball no matter what. Disha wasn't able to take time on her by going to the net or example. She needs to learn how to play against opponent who aren't as good as her, but who can keep her on the court as long as needed.
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