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on Thu 15 Feb - 20:05

Clara Winther vs 15/3
7:5 6:2
Positive: good attitude and fighting spirit. She was concentrated and motivated.
Negative: she has to learn how to play her own game with player who play slow. Moving faster to the net and more solid volleys. She needs to improve her approach and winning shot

Christian Duffy vs 15 (Perf)
6:2 3:6 10:4
Positive: good attitude,  concentration and motivation.
On the beginning was difficult to get the rythem, few double faults and easy mistakes from the return. But he was playing very solid defence. Good construction of the point.

Roger Mcdonel vs 15/2
6:4 6:2
Positive: good attitude and concentration.  He dictated the game. Very good serve.

Stephane Jacoby vs 30
6:2 6:2
Positive: good solid match with good attitude and intensity. He dictated the game.

Baboshin Alissa vs 15/3
6/3 6/0
Positive: You played a very simple and effective tennis. You were very consistent.
To improve: I wanted to see you maybe more aggressive. Especially during the second set you should try a bit more.

Lukashova Natasha vs 15/2
6/1 6/7 6/3
Positive: An excellent first set very solid and smart. I loved the reaction during the third set, you reacted very nicely. Nice first serve.
To improve: You lost your focus at the end of the second set. You did too many unforced errors because you forced your tennis.


Zara Manwani vs 15/2
0:6 and stop
Pain in the shoulder again.

Stephanie Tyga vs 15/1
4:6 0:6
Positive: good attitude and fight in the first set. She was winning 3:0. Good footwork.
Negative: work on your motivation to play the whole match with high intensity. She gave up in the second set.

Richards Spencer vs 15/2
6/0 6/0
Positive: Very good net game today. He tried to be very aggressive middle court. Kept his focus all the time.
To improve: Too many mistakes on the attacking shots. He must get power if he wants to be more effective.

Arry Muhyaldeen vs 15/2
6/3 6/2
Positive: The second serve was good. He went at the net to try to finish faster against a Player who is pushing the ball.
To improve: He is talking too much and negatively almost all the time. He tried to force his game and did too many unforced errors.

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