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on Mon 29 Jan - 10:22

Mathieu Wierniezky vs Roman Shishlov 62 60

Mathieu is working hard every day in practice and is taking pleasure on the court. Roman was tired mentally, and didn't find a grip on himself!

Jonathan da Silva vs 4/6 61 63
Positive: great consistency, good tactically
To work on: he needs a bit more aggressively, net game, is waiting too much to react

Josh Roe Flannely vs 15
6/1 6/1
Positif:Good control for the baseline with heavy ground strokes.
Négatif: Still shy on his overall attacking game... Need to do it for the next level..Let go Josh...

Rashed Nawah vs 15
6/0 6/0
Positif: Destroyed his oppenent...Solid match.
Négatif: Return.. Too much diffensive slice despite a fast court... More volume on the backhand side..

Any Papyan vs 15
6/3 6/3
Positif: Good consistency through the match, kept the winning tactic.. Perf Good job.
Négatif: Could put more pressure through the match. Got to snick in a bit more..

Shalom salvi 15/1 vs 15
Positiv: Good attitud through the match, really solid on her serve and good tactical plan and the important moment... Perf ! Good job!
Negativ: Keep working on your return, play the zone long in the middle More often.

Andres vergara 5/6 vs 4/6
Positiv: Good attitud through the match, andres was consistent on his backhand side and was using his forehand to finish the point ! Really good forehand ! Perf good job
Negativ: Andres could come faster to the net to conclude the point... Keep working on managing the point with your forehand and not trying the winner always...

Shyla Khattar vs 15
Positiv: Good service game, using her slice on her first serve. Shyla found good zone long cross with her forehand and was pushing her opponents to try difficult shot. Well done !
Negativ: ...


Tibault Delauwe vs 15 61 46 26

Positive: technically much better than his opponent
To work on: he is not strong enough tactically, he doesn't impose his game, and he is loosing confidence too fast

Shristi Dhir vs 5/6 16 06
Positive: she was motivate, too much maybe overexcited
To work on: find the relaxation to play matches, shorter swings when the ball is coming fast

Arthur Charrier vs 5/6
0/6 2/6
Positif: Despite of the score, Arthur is improving on his attitude and his overall strokes. Especially from the baseline his ground strokes are getting heavier. So let keep working and keep ur head up.
Négatif: Keep need to work on his attacking game. Also let keep working on that first serve.

Cristian Gheorgiu vs 5/6
7/6 5/7 4/6
Positif: What a match with so many ups and downs.. loved it.. Love the  fighting spirit... So Christian great evolution in ur game so keep training. Much better on the serve.
Négatif: Control of emotions.. especially on crucial moments..  Shots sélections behind the baseline..Keep grinding to avoid those unforced errors in key moments.

Léa Mocher vs 15/1
3/6-0/5 ab. (Forte douleur au coude et au poignet droit)
Positif: 1er set correct. Léa sert bien dans ce 1er set avec un bon pourcentage de première balle... elle arrive à venir finir ses points au filet. 1er set assez serré ou Léa a une balle de jeu dans chaque jeu.
Négatif: Léa doit continuer son travail sur son coup droit, son coude est encore collé au corps. Continuer le travail sur sa deuxième balle avec plus d’effet, beaucoup trop à plat.

Fraser Leslie vs 5/6
Positiv: First set, Fraser stay solid in his baseline, more consistent than his opponent, he won the first set because of being more calm in his head.
Negativ: Fraser turn off mentally in the second and third set, his opponent stay calm and accept the rally. With a big forehand, his opponent was doing some winner and Fraser didn’t accept it. Too much complaining on the court...

Vergara Alberto vs 4/6
Positiv: ......
Negativ: Complaining to fast about the court and about his game, Alberto was more focusing about saying that he can not play today, than trying to find a solution to win that match.

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