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on Sun 28 Jan - 19:14

GHEORGHIU Cristian (15) vs 15/1 score : 6/1 7/6
Positif : he make a huge adaptation because normally he play on hard and finally he played on grass

VERGARA Andres (5/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/2 6/2
Positif : he played a good match during all the match Andres hasn’t this habit !!! So good job for this one

Tanguy Tailler (15/2) vs 15/1 PERF!
6/2 6/3
Positif : super match dans l’attitude et les choix tactiques, mieux sur 2nde balle de service, jeu vers l’avant
A améliorer : le cote revers à mi court, trop de stress parfois

Arry Muhyaldeen (15) vs 15/1
6/2 6/4
Positive : he won this match on serve and return sides. He played smart tactically, efficient
To improve : manage your emotions at the beginning of the second you have to show more solidity to make your opponent not believe in his chances

Andres Vergara (5/6) vs 15/3
4/6 6/4 6/1
Positive : good reaction after loosing first set in tough conditions (court a bit wet), fast shots
To improve : the intensity, and tactical game, he is playing alone without trying to find the good tactical to beat his opponent with efficiency


MUHYALDEEN Arry (15/1) vs 15 score : 6/1 7/5
Point to improve : needed more adaptation for everything ( exemple : to play on grass even if the tournament is on hard court )

PILET Léo (15/1) vs 15/1 score : 6/1 6/0
Positif : très bonne expérience pour leo d’avoir joué en adulte / très bonne attitude
Point to improve :

GINEFRI Maxence (5/6) vs 15/3 score : 6/3 7/5
Positif : il a réussi à rester calme tout le long du match malgré le fait qu’il ne pensait pas joué aujourd’hui et donc n’avais pas ça raquette ...

BRAUN SIMO Inaki (5/6) vs 15 score : 6/2 6/2
Point to Improve : he needed to be more positif / and to believe winning

Jacques kai inoue (15/1) vs 15
6/4 6/4
Positif : great what I see from kai today again, good attitude, he was better than his opponent on baseline
To improve : he needs more power but We cannot on faster than nature, he will get stronger... he can be more consistent and focus at some important moments

Stéphan Jacoby (15/1) vs 15/2
6/4 6/3
Positive : he is able to have good strokes, especially with his lefty game, foreward game is interesting
To improve : efficiency and variation of zones on serve, consistency on baseline

Roger Mcdonel (15/1) vs 15/2
6/3 6/3
Positive : the attitude was good, I like the fighting spirit today, good things on baseline
To improve : serve and return, roger is hitting to hard the 1st serve with a weak second serve, result too much doubles faults. He couldn’t return good also, especially on forehand. This match was based on serve and return, from the moment he could start the point correctly he was winning it most of the time

Agassi Tomegah Lost at 15/2
The game was hard on the grass court very wet and it was hard to ajust your moving all the match
Difficult to adapt yourself.
Be careful to keep positif even if the situation is Bad.

Any Papyan win at 15/1
Hard conditions as well but good control of the match and good consistency.
To work: your positive attitude, to play deeper.

Arthur Charrier win at 15/1
6/3  6/2
Un score sec face à un adversaire difficile à jouer.
Bonne attitude plus positif qu avant , plus pro.
Dans le jeu, rester précis dans tes zones de jeu et tes changement de rythme .
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