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Re: Monday, October 15th

on Mon 15 Oct - 23:52
Tipnis Krishh vs 5/6 : 6/2 7/5
+ : a set and a half of great tennis, playing deep and getting inside the court to finish the point with his forehand. Good fight at the end to take the win even if unable to play well anymore
- : after missing two break points at 3/1 in the second set he got crushed by the pressure, became unable to attack and has to do huge efforts to make the ball pass the service line

Vova iakubenko (5/6) vs 15 score : 6/2 7/6
Positif : it was his first match so he got a pressure little bit / he was very aggressive he come often to the net
Point to improve : he was some difficult to finish the point / sometimes he didn’t take the right way / to many mistake at the net with is forehand


Abhinav Magow lost 6/3 6/1 vs 5/6
+ : Abhi has donne a good fight. He came often to the net and did good volleys. Very good tournament with 5 wins! Congratulations !
To improve : Aabhi need to improve his speed and explosivness. He has to keep going forward, to the net and keep working forehands , serves because it's his strenght.
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Monday, October 15th

on Mon 15 Oct - 19:35

Estelle 15/3 bat 30 : 6/0 6/1

Positifs : attitude très sérieuse pour battre une fille moins forte qu'elle. Estelle a joué en avançant, a attaqué et ne s'est pas contenté de pousser la balle. Malgré quelques doubles fautes, de bons services !  Premier match irréprochable

À améliorer: continuer à travailler le service pour être encore plus régulière

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