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Saturday, October 13th Empty Saturday, October 13th

on Sat 13 Oct - 19:52

Abhinav Magow wins 6/2 6/1 vs 15/3
+ : He served well and was solid from the Baseline. He found a good rythm and came often to the net. Good match again.
To improve : To increase percentage of 1st serves and serve and volley.

Ivaldi 15/2 vs magow 15/3 : 6/36/1
Positif : jeu de fond de court , jeu a la volée
A travailler : les effets et variations de rythme , le service 1e et 2e , et jouer beaucoup plus long en fond de court
Disha GABA vs 15/3
1:6 1:6

Positive: good behaviour and attitude during the match.
Points to improve: Disha needs to practise her serve a lot, expessially her second serve. Consistently with backhand. Footwork and her stability befor hit. Forward sprint, she missed too many short balls!

Edward kozusnik lost 6/2 6/2 vs 15/4
+ : Edward has done good serves and forehand.
To improve : he needs to play more matches to get a better rythm and get used to any type of game. He missed a lot on fast and flat shots of his opponent.

Mostyn Fulford lost 6/2 6/1 vs 15/3
+ : Mostyn fought as much as he can against a strong opponent.
To improve : to build a more solid game plan based on opponent's weaknesses and Mostyn's strenghts. To get more top spin on Baseline shots.

He Zhengxuan vs 15/3
1/6 ab

+/- : What to say about the first set. He couldn't play because he broke 2 rackets during the warmup and he tried to play with a racket completely broken and of course impossible to play. So difficult to say something about the math except that he tried his best.
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