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on Sun 19 Nov - 9:39

Jonathan Da Silva (4/6) vs 3/6 PERF!
6/3 6/2
Positif : service (points gratuits), attitude bien meilleure qu’hier, déplacements physiques, solide, changements de rythmes
Négatif : très bonne entame agressive, un peu trop attentiste sur les fins de sets

Kiril Belov (3/6) vs Tristan Taylor (5/6)
6/4 6/3
Positive : good attitude from both players m, good fight, serve for both, better use of forehand for kiril
Négative : Tristan went too much on backhand side of kiril, didn’t realize that Kiril was defending better on this side.
Kiril has to stay positive all match long

Alberto Vergara (5/6) vs Alexi Watelet (3/6) PERF!
2/6 6/1 6/2
Positive : very good reaction after loosing first set Alberto, more agressive with forehand after being more consistent, serve.
Négative : Alexi behave very negative after loosing 3/0 in the 2nd set, he was doing lot of mistakes by being agressive and didn’t try to be more solid and smart tactically ... very bad start for Alberto 1st set

Jules Auffray (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/0 6/1
Super match il a réussi à garde ce nerfs malgres une surface pas facile

Aidar Aidossov (3/6) vs 15/3 score 6/0 6/0

Nicolas jaddoun (3/6) vs 15  Score : 6/1 6/4
Très bon premier set / un relâchement dans le 2 eme au niveau de la concentration et une baisse de rythme

Chen Bingru (3/6) vs 3/6 Score : 6/3 3/0
Just be careful when you opponent come a lot at the net especially serve and voley don’t it the ball straight give some low ball to push your opponent making a low voley

Roman shishlov (5/6) vs 15/2 score : 6/2 6/0
Nothing to say


Siddhesh mahadeshwar (4/6) vs 15
6/2 7/6
Positive: nothing today honestly
Négative : attitude, sad and no reaction... footwork

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