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Alberto Vergara (5/6) vs 15/1
6/4 1/6 6/2
Positive : more efficient on serve, agressive with the forehand, good fight mentally
Négative : loosing concentration at some moments, too much risks on backhand.

Jonathan Da Silva (4/6) vs 15
6/3 1/6 6/0
Positif : il s’en est sorti malgré son attitude, mise en place en tournoi des changements techniques, grosse réaction au 3ème
Négatif : une attitude vraiment mauvaise aujourd’hui, commente beaucoup trop, John doit montrer une prise de maturité rapide s’il veut passer un niveau

Tristan Taylor (5/6) vs 15/2
4/6 6/0 6/1
Positive : good reaction tactically after losing 1st set, lot of points with the serve, calm attitude
Négative : he could change tactically faster, too much unforced errors on 1st set, intensity beginning of the match, he has to attack directly the fight !

Chen Bingru (3/6) vs 15
6/1 2/0 retired
Positive : perfect match on attitude, intentions, good job!! The guy retired because of an injury, and Bingru showed that the opponent had no chance.


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