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BRAUN SIMO Inaki (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/3 6/3
Positif : he was solid all the match / good serve
Point to improve : can be more offensif during this match

TAYLOR Tristan (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/3 6/0
Positif : easy match he did a good job / he respect the game plan

EL TAWIL Hussein (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/3 0/6 6/3
Positif : amazing fighting during this match he won this match only with his head
Point to improve : be more offensif / and be-careful of the trajectory

LIU Phengming (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/3 6/3
Positif : he was created the point all the time / the attitude was good
Point to improve : he needed to take more time to wait the good ball / serve and volley he was to slow to coming to the net

MALLPANI Tanisq (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/3 0/6 6/3
Positif : very good second set he played very deep and the serve was good
Point to improve : the first set and the last set he was playing to short and he can built the point.

PICTET Flavien (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/3 6/0
Point to improve : il doit prendre plus le temps et non pas essayer de jouer plus vite que ce qu’il peut déjà faire. Mais dans l’ensemble le match était positif pour le futur

DUSHI Rajan (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/2 5/7 6/3
Positif : In général he did a good match just the last set mentally he let the match going out / the first 2 set he was constituency and offensif. He just miss the moment of the match at 4/3 up in the second set

L.Dubois w 6/4 4/6 6/3 6/2
Great match with a good visebelety of success ans good mental rituals in between point.
Made a good progress in long point strategy.
Needs to work on fast winners point
At the volley needs to support longer the ball with smooth footwork and move in by cutting the corners

Maria krapustina looses against 5/6 6/3 6/2 strengths: very good approach shots
Weaknesses: missing consistency which made her loose her tactical plan

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