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Sunday, December 2nd Empty Sunday, December 2nd

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LIU Phengming vs 15 : 6/4 3/6 6/3

Positive : Found good angles and came a lot to the net. Your game can be really effective and efficient.

To improve : Being 100% on your legs on every point. That is a match you should have win 6/2 6/2 in 50 minutes if you was focus 100% all match long. Practice overheads.

DUSHI Rajan vs 5/6 : 6/2 6/2

Positive : Powerful, deep and consistent shots from both wings, Rajan played a really effective game. A good attitude, discret but pumped at the same time. Keep it that way!

To improve : Approach shots to come the net. Staying in the rally when you can and turn defense into attack more.

MALLPANI Tanisq vs 5/6 : 6/0 6/4

Positive : Really solid from his baseline Tanisq did not give free points to his opponents until 6/0 5/2. Footwork was working really well. High percentage serves.

To improve : Coming more to the net when you have the opportunity. Keep the same intensity and game plan during every point even if you have a big lead.

YAN Shen Bin vs 15 : 6/1 7/5

Positive : Powerful baseline strokes from both side. Keep hitting with your shots with good margins from the net and lines. 1st serve quality was good.

To improve : Keep the same game plan when you are up at the scoreboard. Keep your calm after loosing a point.

FAKHOURI Omar vs LAROSA Luciano : 6/2 6/0

Positive : Omar did not give many free points to Luciano who was not patient enough to win the baseline battle despite some good variations. Omar fought for every ball.

To improve : Luciano should focus more on himself and not his opponent. Omar can work on finding more power to his strokes.

KAPUSTINA Maria vs TAIT Anelle : 6/1 7/5

Positive : Maria was too powerful for Anelle during the first set. A better attitude and a good reaction for Anelle in the 2nd set.

To improve : Consistency for Maria : she can hit 6 or 7 shots in a row on every point. Footwork and physical intensity on every point for Anelle.


GUELI Loris vs 5/6 : 2/6 2/6

Positif : Bonne attitude de guerrier. Une base de jeu solide du fond de court avec une bonne longueur de balle.

A améliorer : Rester patient et ne pas forcer ses coups tout au long de l'échange. Ne pas s'agacer après la perte d'un point. Rester calme.

DECALUWE vs 15 : 3/6 3/6

Positive : An effective start, Thibault was up 3-1 quickly, serving high percentage 1st serve and being super solid from his baseline.
To improve : Thibault needs to accept to miss shots and loose points. You can't win every point. Use only positive energy all match long.

YAN Shengbin vs 4/6 : 0/6 1/6

Positive : Shengbin's attitude was good despite the score. Calm and quiet trying to find solutions.

To improve : Being more patient all rally long. Don't go for a risky shot so early. Implement variations in your game.
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