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Sunday, November 25th

on Sun 25 Nov - 19:46

Hugo Obori (15) vs (15/1)
Positiv: Good attitud through the match, solid on serve.
Negativ: Be careful at the beginning of the second set, stay focus and don’t let the other one think he can win it(3/0 down)...Keep working on your return and net game.

Alexandre Gluck (15/1) vs (15) PERF
Positif: Alex connaissait son adversaire (déjà joué au tournoi MTA). Il a respecté son plan de jeu et n’a laissé aucun chance à son adversaire. Bravo !
Négatif: ...

Kirshhh Tipnis (15) vs (15/1)
Positiv: Krishh stay solid on his baseline and his opponent was doing the mystake. Good job !

Jacques Kai Inoue (15/1) vs (15) PERF
Positiv: Kai had a good attitud through the match. He started to play better zone on the court at the end of the first set.
Negativ: At the beginning of the First set, too many unforced error (5/2 down). Kai use to many time his slice on forehand side, he gives toi much time to his opponent to play where he wants...


Luciano larosa (15) vs (15/1)
Positiv : 5/2 in the first set, Luciano was controlling the game, inside the court and making his opponent run and miss.
Negativ: Keep working on your 2nd serve, 1 or 2 double fault per game... And on your return on backhand side.

Patrick Kimpel (15) vs (15/1)
Positiv: ...
Negativ: Patrick attacks every ball. He didn’t try to construct the point or even do some variation ! Always the same rythm.
His opponent just had to put the ball in 3 times in the court.

Alex Gross (15/1) vs (15)
Positiv: At the beginning of the second set, Alex fight a little and try to manage the point with his forehand !
Negativ: Alex was not really involved in the match... he did many slices on forehand and backhand side... He didn’t show that he wanted to win this match...

Valentin LAUROT 15/1 VS 15 1/6 1/6
- attitude irréprochable, il s’est battu du 1er au dernier point avec beaucoup d’intensité face à un adversaire très solide
- bonnes accélérations en CD
- bonne mobilité sur le court
Points à améliorer:
- la longueur de balle
- Poids et qualité en CD et revers (trop de trajectoires tendues)
- manque de variations en fond de court
- sortir l’adversaire de sa zone de confort (le faire rentrer dans le court, le faire reculer)

Jules FRAYRE 15 VS 15/1 1/6 0/6
- il est resté calme malgré un match à sens unique face à un adversaire très solide
Points à améliorer:
- il doit jouer avec plus de variations
- changer de rythme (accélérations, slice de revers)
- language du corps + positif
- Manque d’intentions en retour sur 2nde. balle

Roger MC DONEL 15/1. VS 5/6. 4/6 2/6
- très bonnes accélérations en revers
- Attitude offensive
- bonne entame de match, agressive
- service slicé et zones de service
Points à améliorer:
- il a commencé en jouant agressif sans se précipiter jusqu’à 4/1 puis il s’est impatienté en voulant finir trop tôt les points.
- encore trop de fautes en CD
- il n’accepte pas encore assez de perdre des points, de gagner des points en jouant moins bien
- slice de revers irrégulier

Karan VENKATRAMANA 15 VS 15/1. 2/6 2/6
- he had a good reaction at the 2nd set
- he tried to create more game
Points to improve:
- he started his match too late (2nd set)
- mobility on the court (footwork)
- he had to play with more variations (drop shot, slice...)

Raphaëlle MARGUERON 15 VS 15 5/7 3/6
- bonne combattivité
- très bonne mobilité
- solide en revers avec bonne qualité
Points à améliorer:
- CD: + bombé, + longueur, + de lift
- transition fond de court/attaque (+ d’intentions)
- gestion des points importants
- service (encore trop de doubles fautes)

Bhavya AGGARWAL 15/3 VS 15/1. 1/6 6/7
- she played a very seriously match
- she served more consistent (2nd. ball percent)
- she did forehands winners
- she fighted until the last point
Points to improve:
- she had to be a bit more patience at 5/2 (2nd set) when the opponent started to play very solid (wanted to finish too early,
- she started the match too late
- she has to control better her emotions (deep breathing, to think to keep moving), she was too tight at the end of the 2nd set
- she played sometimes backhand too short
- mobility on the court
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