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Thursday, November 22nd Empty Thursday, November 22nd

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Gross Alex vs 15/1
6/2 6/3
+: Un très bon match pour Alex aujourd’hui. Très sérieux dès le début, il a montré qu’il pouvait tenir un match entier. Il a utilisé son tennis original et créatif pour maîtriser son adversaire.
-: Il y a parfois encore des petites baisses de régime qui peuvent coûter cher. Trop de slice quand cela n’est pas obligatoire.


He Zhengxuan vs 15/3
6/3 2/6 2/6
+: I saw a very good first set with a very good and consistent tennis. He pushed his opponent to do mistakes. You used your forehand very well and you were very effective.
-: But during the second and the third set, your opponent started to do less mistakes and he asked you to play more rallies. You overplayed and tried to hit too fast. Results, too many mistakes and your opponent won easily.
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