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Tuesday 9th october Empty Tuesday 9th october

on Tue 9 Oct - 20:40
Wins :

Abhinav Magow wins 6/1 6/1 vs 15/4
+ : Very good first serves (power and consistancy) . Abhi took often his chance to Come to the net with success. Good pourcentage of points won when he is going forward. Good job.
To improve : 2nd serve (spin and consistancy). Velocity and speed to go faster to the net.

Arthur Estrade win 6/2 6/1 vs 15/5
+ : Arthur a mieux servi (meilleur pourcentage et utilisation de sa 1ere balle). Arthur a une nouvelle fois trouvé les bons schémas de jeu et variations de rythme pour prendre du temps sur son adversaire et venir conclure au filet.
A améliorer : maîtrise des trajectoires en revers (lift), retour bloqué en revers, réduire amplitude coup droit et revers en retour.

Loss :

Dominikas Kuncius Lost at 15/5
6/0 6/1
+: Consistency and able to play long rallies , forehand and backgand. It was a strong player , stronger than you today. Good first and second serve and good on return.
To improve: Your changing of rythm, and your défense on your backhand, to play deeper .

Ghanim El Kaleifi Lost at 30
7/5 6/0
+: Good first set in playing consistent and offensive good forehand and slice backhand on attaque.Good on the net , and on your serve.
To improve: to be stronger on défense , backhand and forehand , your two hands backhand.
To be stronger mentally after the losses of the first set .
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